Unites & strengthens the nonprofit sector as
a collective force to improve the quality of
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In 2022, HANOCON remains Virtual!  

This year’s conference theme, Wading Through the Muliwai, emerged organically from our planning conversations. As we discussed the space of being between what was and what we hope will be as paradigms begin to shift, Elena Farden, HANO board member and HANOCON planning committee member, listened intently and offered the concept of muliwai. It immediately resonated.

The image for this year’s HANOCON, designed by Shar Paet, draws its inspiration from the biodiverse brackish water area between the stream and the sea. It is a significant and necessary space that acts as both a natural filter and a place where fish and other organisms grow. It is a magical place full of transformation, set in the most unassuming of places.

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There are thousands of nonprofits in Hawaiʻieach trying to make a difference on their own. The mission of the Hawaiʻi Alliance of Nonprofit Organizations (HANO) is to unite and strengthen the nonprofit sector as a collective force to improve the quality of life in Hawaiʻi.



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