Broderick Dispute Resolution

Drawing upon a wealth of experience as a practicing attorney, mediator, Judge and CEO, Michael Broderick brings fairness, empathy, and the highest ethics and integrity to all dispute resolution processes.

Offering services in:

  • Mediation: Working cooperatively with the parties to help reach viable and lasting agreements. The parties’ interests and their needs are always paramount.
  • Arbitration: Rendering fair and thoughtful decisions that parties accept as final and binding. A relatively quick and inexpensive option over the courts.
  • Facilitation: Facilitating small, medium, and large groups to reach consensus on complex disputes, specializing in public policy matters.
  • Neutral Investigations: Ascertaining the facts through comprehensive and objective investigations, particularly in employment settings. Conducting impartial and compassionate investigations to determine what actually happened.
  • Executive Coaching: Guiding C-suite executives and managers as they grow in their jobs, offering assistance in the for-profit, nonprofit, and government sectors.

“I have worked closely with Mike Broderick for almost 20 years. Mike is eminently qualified to conduct neutral employment fact-finding investigations. He is deliberate, comprehensive, and ethical; has superb judgment; and is always fair. Mike is also a terrific executive coach. He skillfully helped lead two large, complex organizations, where he coached hundreds of young and seasoned staff.”

Jim Yates, CEO, Par Hawaii

HANO members will receive a discount on services.

Interested in finding out more about how Broderick Dispute Resolution can help your organization? CLICK HERE to see the website; email at; or call (808) 783-2103.

You can also CLICK HERE to schedule a time to talk with Michael.

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