WEBINAR: Coaching Skills for Supervisors

WEBINAR | Coaching Skills for Supervisors
Thursdays, Mar. 5 at 8AM & Mar. 12 at 7AM HST
Offered in partnership with Washington Nonprofits

Many of us are “called” to our work because of its important social justice mission and are motivated by making progress in achieving that important mission and vision. Most of us start out doing direct service and, as our career progresses, get promoted into supervisory roles. Most of us that are in supervisory roles would probably not say that our ‘calling’ was to be a supervisor. Yet, we understand that our ability to provide both good direction and support to our staff is critically important in achieving our goals as an organization.

This online course will explore what it means to lead in a way that is in alignment with our core values. We will learn a framework for understanding better when our staff need a “boss” and when they need a “coach”, and tips will be provided on how to be both a more effective boss and coach! HANO members are eligible for a 50% discount; contact Gwen for discount code at training@hano-hawaii.org. Click here to learn more + register.