GTAS Program

Federal Grant Technical Assistance Services Program

HANO is continuing to offer the Grants Technical Assistance Services program for nonprofits pursuing or planning to pursue a federal grant in the near future.  Since the program launched in March 2021, we have accepted and worked with two rounds of applicants on a robust set of federal projects. We launched round three of the program in January 2023 and welcome new applications at the link below.

For this new round, we are asking participating organizations to pay a modest stipend of $100 per project for any HANO members and $200 per project for any non-HANO members. This will help us increase the resources available to each participant.

  • If your organization is interested in applying for the Grants TA Services program for this round, please CLICK HERE.  
  • If you have any questions, please message our consultant on this project, Melissa Unemori Hampe below.

The Program

The intention of the program is to test an approach to building capacity and harnessing more federal resources for Hawaiʻi nonprofits. HANO is particularly interested in projects that encourage (a) collaborative efforts, within the nonprofit sector and across sectors, and/or (b) the concepts of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Technical Assistance

Technical assistance services are provided through a pool of providers experienced in working with nonprofits. Participant organizations are able to access federal grants coaching, application review, or copy editing services, as well as referrals to connect separately with other services that may be needed outside the scope of the pilot program. Note: The amounts and frequency of services are contingent on the availability of resources and number of applicants being considered for support.

Testimonials from applicants:

As a local nonprofit, we are very clear about the need in our community and how to deliver the services. What HANO helped us to do was get connected to funding that builds a stronger foundation for the work that lies ahead. Our participation in this program will have significant benefits for the years to come in our community. Mahalo HANO!

The coaching under this HANO program helped us coalesce our concept and develop a strategic approach to our grant methodology. For small organizations like ours, this assistance is invaluable.

Without the support of HANO GTAS, we would not have been successful in securing the critical funding needed to reach more families who need help.

The expert grants assistance from the GTAS team helped us spot gaps in the application documents that we could address before submission and put the most competitive package forward

…we found the process extremely worthwhile. It helped us understand that we need to think more strategically and start earlier

Yes, we will definitely submit a federal grant next year and would like to apply for GTAS assistance which really helped us to feel confident we have the ability to develop a strong proposal in the future.

The coaching process made it easier to understand what needed to be done and provided me the confidence needed to prepare and work through the 2nd part of the grant submission. In the event that we do not get funded, the experience gained is priceless that will allow us to apply for future grants.

Please message Mapu Quitazol regarding the Grant Technical Assistance Services Program