FGSS Program

Foundation Grants Support Services Program

As part of our People ᐧ Pilina ᐧ Purpose Initiative, we’re launching our Foundation Grants Support Services Program. Mahalo to The Freeman Foundation and Kamehameha Schools for their generous support of this pilot program!
Similar to our GTAS program but focused at the state, NOT federal level, this program is open to Hawaiʻi nonprofits, including Kamehameha Schools’ grantees, who are interested in applying to local trusts and foundations for grants to support their missions.  Eligible applicants should already have a specific foundation and project in mind before they apply. 

Services are provided FREE to participants and considered on a first come, first served basis for eligible applicants. Initial priority is given to emergency relief applications relating to the wildfires. Consideration of other applications are dependent on the number of applications we receive, the volume of services requested and funding availability.

  • If your organization is interested in applying for the Foundation Grants Support Services Program, please CLICK HERE.  
  • If you have any questions, please message our consultant on this project, Melissa Unemori Hampe below.

The Program

HANO recognizes these assets and acknowledges that many nonprofits have limited time and capacity to perform many of the proposal writing and grants management related tasks required to secure funding to carry out critical mission work. These organizations often do not have fund development staff positions or unrestricted funds to hire professional proposal writers or evaluators to assist them with these functions. The program prioritizes local foundation grants and, depending on the availability of additional resources and appetite from participants, may eventually include national and regional foundation and corporate funding opportunities. HANO remains committed to the concepts of diversity, equity, and inclusion in its program focus.

Technical Assistance

Technical assistance services is provided through a pool of providers experienced in working with nonprofits. Participant organizations are able to access grant writing support, coaching, application review, or copy editing services, as well as referrals to connect separately with other services that may be needed outside the scope of the pilot program. Note: The amounts and frequency of services are contingent on the availability of resources and number of applicants being considered for support.

Please message Mapu Quitazol regarding the Foundation Grants Support Services Program