Grants Corner

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Funding Opportunities

A listing of County, State, Federal and local foundation/corporate grant opportunities for nonprofits.

If you’re interested in more resources about navigating grants, from fund development strategies and grant prospecting to grant writing, click on the link below.

Federal Grant Technical Assistance Services Program

The Grants Technical Assistance Services program is for nonprofits pursuing or planning to pursue a federal grant in the near future.  Since the program launched in March 2021, we have accepted and worked with two rounds of applicants on a robust set of federal projects. We launched round three of the program in January 2023 and welcome new applications.

Foundation Grants Support Services Program

Similar to our Grants Technical Assistance Services but focused at the state, NOT federal level, this program is open to Hawaiʻi nonprofits, including Kamehameha Schools’ partners, who are interested in applying to local trusts and foundations for grants to support their missions. Eligible applicants should already have a specific foundation and project in mind before they apply. 

Please message Mapu Quitazol regarding the Technical Assistance Programs