Our annual gathering of Hawaiʻi’s nonprofit sector, was held on October 6 – 7.

This year’s conference theme, Wading Through the Muliwai, emerged organically from our planning conversations. As we discussed the space of being between what was and what we hope will be as paradigms begin to shift, Elena Farden, HANO board member and HANOCON planning committee member, listened intently and offered the concept of muliwai. It immediately resonated.

The image for this year’s HANOCON, designed by Shar Paet, draws its inspiration from the biodiverse brackish water area between the stream and the sea. It is a significant and necessary space that acts as both a natural filter and a place where fish and other organisms grow. It is a magical place full of transformation, set in the most unassuming of places.

The muliwai mirrors much of our world today. It exists as a space of both great uncertainty and great potential. And while the waters may seem a little murky, it’s a necessary and fruitful place to wade into and explore before the next steps become clear.

The image represents the two bodies of water intertwined. If you look closer, you’ll see another layer. The 16 rectangular lines, separated into two columns of 8, represent another formidable time: 1 line for each wā of the Kumulipo. Each column represents two halves, one of Ka pō (the darkness) and one of Ua ao (the light). In calling the Kumulipo into this image, we honor the ideas of duality, existence, perseverance and connection. It is our reminder of both the humble beginnings and pure potentiality of our existence. 

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