People Pilina Purpose Initiative (HANOCON 2023)

HANOCON 2023 Is Shifting Gears in Light of the Maui Fires

Our theme this year is People ᐧ Pilina ᐧ Purpose.  We’ve had a pretty tough couple of years, but nonprofits have remained resilient due to our amazing people, the pilina we feel and build with our communities and each other in the sector, and our purpose and commitment to helping the people of Hawaiʻi thrive as we deliver on our missions.

HANO has given deep thought about the purpose of HANOCON and how it can best serve the nonprofit community in the aftermath of the tragic fires on Maui. In the spirit of this year’s HANOCON theme we have decided to deconstruct our one day in-person conference into a larger People ᐧ Pilina ᐧ Purpose Initiative

Virtual Sessions

Virtual sessions are FREE and offered as bite-sized events across the rest of 2023 for ease of accessibility and consumability. Come when you can, consume what’s most relevant to you.


We know that in person connecting is a big part of building pilina, so we’re coming to you!  HANO and our partner, AlohaCare, are hosting half-day talk story + listening sessions in every county.  These convenings are an opportunity to come together, share and learn.

Nonprofit Support Services

HANO is providing nonprofit support services in the form of Maui membership relief, Career Center fee waivers, Grant Support and other various services and benefits.

Other Resources

Here is a curation of resources for nonprofits + aggregators of resources for direct relief.

Mahalo palena ʻole to our sponsors who are practicing true trust based philanthropy and walking beside us in this journey.

Message from our 2023 HANOCON Partners


is our largest annual gathering of nonprofit professionals–as well as sector allies, supporters, and advocates–to network, learn, share ideas, collaborate, and partner.

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