Through her boutique consultancy launched in 2012, Jen supports nonprofits and other community-serving clients to develop or strengthen cause-based communications, marketing, and community-building efforts through thought partnership, training, and content creation services. She offers a growing suite of self-paced, do-it-yourself training materials and planning guides, and recently launched Content Hero, to help nonprofits access an ample reserve and steady pipeline of mission-aligned content to share on social media. Explore (+ subscribe to receive) free resources on the blog.

Discounts for HANO members include:

  • A 50% discount on the digital version of the Social Media Planning Workbook
  • $225 off a 3-month Content Hero bundle (a $75 discount applied each month)
  • One free 30-minute strategy session per HANO member organization

Contact Jen via this web form to request HANO member coupon codes prior to purchase, or to schedule a 30-minute strategy session.

“Jennifer is a very creative leader who understands the bigger systems issues, but can also get down into the weeds with you, offering great technical assistance and strategy for positive impact.” -Lisa Maruyama, President & CEO, Hawaiʻi Alliance of Nonprofit Organizations

“I have worked with Jennifer Barrett in a number of capacities throughout my time in the nonprofit sector here in Hawaiʻi. We have served on a board together, worked together on projects, and she has provided client services to me when I worked at a nonprofit provider. Jennifer is fantastic. Among her best characteristics that make her great to work with if you are her client or colleague – she has impeccable integrity, a strong work ethic, an empathic way of connecting with those who are struggling, the ability to have hard conversations when hard conversations are needed, and she maintains the kind of authenticity that is required when helping folks through challenging times as well as good times. Additionally, she is simply good at what she does and has over the years, fine-tuned what she wants to work on and what she doesn’t so that if she chooses to work with you, she is fully invested in the work.” -Jan Harada, Former Executive Director, H.T. Hayashi Foundation

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