Executive Coaching – John does one to one coaching with nonprofit executives to help them gain clarity and move forward in a variety of areas. The executive chooses the topic of focus. This may include how to further develop leadership skills, craft a new or updated strategic vision for the organization, improve communication with the team and stakeholders, secure new sources of revenue, develop better work / life balance, and streamline operations to remain financially strong. John also coaches executives on personal topics that relate to their work, as needed.

HANO members receive 1-hour complimentary Coaching Session for Executives

Group Coaching / Team Coaching – John does group/team coaching within the organization, which could include the Executive Team, Officers, Board Members and staff. In Group Coaching there is a common theme (Ex. Improving Communication) and the participants have individual objectives. Team Coaching is group coaching where everyone in the room shares the same objective. 

HANO members receive 1.5 hour complimentary Group Coaching for nonprofit leadership team/staff

“Our Board president and I booked a session with John during our organization’s strategic planning phase to gain an outside perspective on where to start and which directions to take. Our session with John helped us do exactly that and more. John helped us break down some aspects that overwhelmed us into manageable and attainable goals. During our session, he encouraged us to develop a business plan and identify some “low-hanging fruit” that we may not have thought of before. We are grateful for the opportunity to have John’s expertise during our extremely small organization’s transition period. John was positive and encouraging and addressed our concerns in a compassionate and professional manner. John was so easy to talk to, my colleague even referred to our coaching session as “business therapy”! We will definitely be returning for another coaching session with John.” – Kiana Vallente, Administrative Director, Hamakua Harvest

“These coaching sessions have been the highlight of my year! I had high expectations and you delivered. And then some.” – Michael Hart

Learn more at John’s website or email him at john.holman@outlook.com.

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