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Hawaiʻi Heart Foundation Introduces CPR/AED Competency Card

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On Oʻahu, 75% of the 1,000 annual cardiac arrests will occur at home, but only 32% of these incidents receive chest compressions before professional help arrives. This highlights the urgent need for young people and their families to know how to take immediate action during cardiac emergencies to significantly improve survival rates. Hawaiʻi Heart Foundation wants young people to feel confident, be prepared, and share these lifesaving skills with friends and family members.

In a significant step toward enhancing emergency response capabilities across Hawaiʻi , the Hawaiʻi Heart Foundation has begun teaching a hands-on CPR/AED training session to 10th graders and as a part of the course, each student who participates will receive a CPR/AED competency card. This card differs from conventional “certification” cards mandated for most hospital-based positions and recognizes proficiency and knowledge in lifesaving skills under the Good Samaritan Law. Pam Foster spearheads this initiative. She underscores that it is a misconception that “certification” is essential for administering CPR. Given that CPR is a universally vital skill, Foster advocates for wider recognition of the CPR/AED card’s significance.

In only three of ten cardiac arrests in Hawaiʻi is CPR performed by a bystander prior to professional responder arrival. Foster and her team aim to raise awareness about the card’s role in dismantling barriers of bystander fear of causing harm and/or lack of CPR practice. Newly appointed Hawaiʻi Heart Foundation Board member, Kimberly Uehisa, M.S., emphasizes the card’s accessibility and inclusivity, stating that “CPR is a skill anyone can learn, irrespective of formal certification.”

The Hawaiʻi State Department of Education’s acknowledgment of this card underscores its potential to revolutionize CPR education both within the community and beyond. With its official recognition, the course participation card will become a cornerstone in fostering widespread CPR literacy and preparedness across Hawaiʻi. As the Hawaiʻi Heart Foundation paves the way for a more informed and empowered community, the introduction of this CPR/AED participation card marks a new era in emergency response training, which is characterized by accessibility, inclusivity, and efficacy.

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