In 1991, Consuelo Foundation purchased 14 acres of land in Wai‘anae to be used for building affordable self-help housing. The idea was to create a pathway for families to purchase affordable housing through a combination of sweat equity and fair long-term financing in order to build a safe and vibrant community. Building of the infrastructure and the community center started in 1991 and two years later, the first group of qualified families began the self-build construction of their homes. Between 1993 and 2001 there were eight increments of construction that resulted in 75 homes being built to complement the community center. Each of the owners signed a 30-year mortgage with Consuelo.

Since starting 25 years ago, there remains a sense of pride and community in Ke Aka Ho‘onā with 88% of the original residents still residing in the extremely well-maintained and safe community. Beyond the financing, this community strives to lives its values by allowing families to maintain good houses; reside in a healthy, secure neighborhood where they will be more protected from physical, drug, and alcohol abuse; develop their talents; build positive futures for their children; and undertake the challenges of being productive, responsible community citizens and leaders.

Currently, the Ke Aka Ho‘onā Homeowners Association (KAHA) has issued a Request for Proposals to identify possible tenants for its community center. Ke Aka Ho’ona is seeking one or more nonprofits with similar values that are interested in providing programs in the Wai‘anae community and can provide income for or defray operating costs of the community center. Proposals are
due by October 31, 2018.

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