KITA is a talent development consulting firm that specializes in employee training & development, diversity & inclusion initiatives, employee/management performance consulting, and health & safety training. They are committed to helping clients find performance and training solutions that work for them, whether a customized program or a tried-and-true strategy. With over 40 years of combined training experience, their focus is on the learner and the client. Whether you need leadership or staff development, management consulting, or help with diversity and inclusion initiatives, they work with each client to determine what they specifically need and craft solutions to help them advance the mission of their organization through talent development.

They can help you

  • Design and implement professional development opportunities and training for staff and leadership
  • Deliver diversity, equity, and inclusion training
  • Assist your organization in producing presentation and training materials that are accessible and inclusive
  • Coordinate and produce virtual webinars and conferences through program planning and platform support (i.e., Zoom, WebEx, Whova, etc.)
  • Provide health & safety certification and training as a licensed training provider of American Red Cross and authorized OSHA instructor
  • Determine causes behind employee performance issues and develop solutions to address them

HANO members will receive a 10%-20% discount on services.

Visit their website for a full list of services and course offerings, or to set up a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your talent development needs.

KITA strives to be a social enterprise that collaborates with community partners and organizations to offer unique training experiences for small business and nonprofit organizations by helping them build inclusive learning environments that benefit their leaders and employees. Their vision is to create workplace environments where learning barriers no longer exist. A portion of their revenue is funneled back into local and global communities to fund causes they care about.

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