Consulting & Technical Assistance

Expert Local Assistance for Hawaiʻi Nonprofits

HANO is a nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening other nonprofits. We provide professional, affordable consulting services to nonprofits of all sizes and in all stages of development–from start-up to established organizations. For more information about our consulting services and rates, contact Jennifer Cornish Creed by sending her a message (below).

Our consultants are able to assist your nonprofit organization with a broad range of services that meet your capacity-building needs and budget. They can provide the coaching and expertise you need to solve problems, develop plans for the future, and navigate changes in your organization.

Nonprofit Board Development

Effective board governance is critical to ensuring that a nonprofit organization delivers on its mission, manages its resources effectively, and maintains its reputation. HANO can help you in your efforts to recruit and retain effective board members, develop sound policies and procedures, and help your board members understand their roles and responsibilities so they can act effectively.

HANO board governance services respect the confidential nature of organizational issues while helping board and executive leaders to move their organizations forward. Consultations range in nature and time frame.

Strategic & Operational Planning

HANO offers a variety of options to guide organizations in strategic thinking and planning, developing clearly articulated goals, objectives and action steps. We support incorporating year-round planning into the workplace culture, providing opportunities for continuous learning and improvement. Our consultants will meet with staff and/or board members, review your organization’s planning history and tailor appropriate tools and activities.

Succession Planning and Executive Transition

Succession Planning is the ongoing, continuous process of building your organizational infrastructure and helps clarify your current and future strategy. It is designed to prepare your organization for transitions at any time they occur. Executive Transitions are intermittent, time-bound events that begin when your leader/executive announces the intention to leave or is removed and end once your new leader has been on-boarded and oriented and has begun leading the organization.


Effective facilitation can help your meetings and planning sessions run smoothly, stay focused, and produce results. HANO has highly skilled facilitators who support planning processes, collaborative conversations and problem-solving by creating a safe space for all participants to be involved and engaged.

Outcomes Design and Implementation

HANO is recognized as a leader in outcomes design, training and implementation and can address outcomes development at all system levels – individual, programmatic, agency, sector and community. HANO consultants will work with you to develop training in outcomes design and implementation that is customized to your needs.

Professional Development

Some HANO trainings are offered on-demand to support professional development for your staff or board. If you would like to schedule a customized training for your organization, please contact Jennifer Cornish Creed (see below).

Note: Due to the customized nature of our consulting services, we recommend that you contact us at least two to three months before your anticipated event in order for consultants to coordinate their schedules with yours and to allow time for proper preparation of any advance work that will be required.

Message Jennifer for more information about our consulting services and rates