HANO ended our People ᐧ Pilina ᐧ Purpose Initiative with our Oʻahu Talk Story and Listening Session at Windward Community College (WCC) on December 6, 2023. We fulfilled a part of our preliminary vision to host our first in-person HANOCON since 2020 at WCC. Mahalo to our funding partners AlohaCare and the Harold K.L. Castle Foundation for joining us. We especially thank HANO Board Member Kashmira Reid and AlohaCare colleague, Paula Arcena, for their presence at our first session on Kauaʻi and last session on Oʻahu. Kash also joined us for the West Hawaiʻi session too, along with Bree Teixeira and Mike Nguyen on Oʻahu.

Terry George of the Castle Foundation, grounded the participants in place and shared some of the history of Koʻolaupoko. He uplifted the innovation and ingenuity of the people and community-based organizations. Dr. Sarah Akina from WCC, provided information about WCC’s commitment to their students and community through wrap-around services, in collaboration with nonprofit organizations. 

It was a delightful surprise to see how many of the nonprofit staff and advocates have pilina to Koʻolaupoko – whether they were residents currently or in the past or have loved ones still there. It was fitting that the theme of nonprofit talent pipeline via university pathways and recognition of, and investment in, local talent emerged as we were gathered. There was a commitment to the places and the people in their communities and strengthening the nonprofit sector can come with more collaboration and convenings. Please stay tuned for the overall themes and lessons learned from the entire pae ʻāina covenings.

Although we weren’t able to do site visits the day of our Talk Story + Listening Session on Oʻahu, the HANO team would love to visit a couple nonprofits as we did when we were on other islands. We’d particularly like to visit Windward area nonprofits in this round of visits. If your organization is interested, please email Ashley (agalacgac@hano-hawaii.org) to schedule a time. Visits are structured as informal, talk-story, and share-what-you’d like sessions in the 1.5 hrs max. They’re meant to be low stress (no need for fancy) opportunities for us to learn more about and uplift the great work you’re doing.

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