Quickbooks Made Easy for NonprofitsRunning a nonprofit is very rewarding, but it can be challenging as well. The staff is usually small and tasks given to people who have little to no training in the area required. Nowhere is this truer than when it comes to doing the books.

Few nonprofits can afford to hire a CPA, or a full-time bookkeeper, to handle the organization’s accounting functions. Many end up having the executive director or administrative assistant enter the transactions when they have the time. It is this combination of non-accounting types, performing the accounting functions, coupled with unique and difficult report requirements, that result in many frustrating hours lost, less-than-accurate reports, and ultimately an unhappy board.

The great news is QuickBooks can, if used properly, give you all of this information instantly at a push of a button. It can track all of your income and expenses, even for specific programs and restricted grants; track donations and pledges; keep your bank balances up-to-date; and, most importantly, give you detailed profit and loss reports compared to the budget to help you analyze how you are doing.

QuickBooks Made Easy for Nonprofits teaches you how to easily setup your QuickBooks file; enter common nonprofit specific transactions; get clean financials and create the reports you have always wanted – quickly and easily.

QuickBooks Made Easy for Nonprofits offers a basics training, The Essentials, as well as an intermediate/advanced training, Beyond the Essentials. Both are available via streaming videos on the website and are tailored for those working in the nonprofit sector.

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