Resilia is a nonprofit first technology company, supporting new leaders to quickly and efficiently secure their nonprofit status. Resilia handles the paperwork, so you can focus on your mission. Members of the HANO community will receive a 10% discount on Resilia’s formation services. Please visit and use the code HANO10OFF at checkout, or contact to learn more.

After we paid a $600 attorney fee, we filed our application. We got a rejection for incorrect documents – first waste of money. We then hired a local CPA office, paid $800+ for adviser fees, and decided not to proceed with them. $800 charge for just a couple emails back and forth?! We had no choice but to Google search. I was very skeptical and interviewed 2 different companies, but finally selected Resilia for their prompt and proper response to my questions. They always kept me in loop and responded to my concerns in a timely manner. And just like they expected, our approval letter came right on time!  You don’t have to waste your time and money as I did. You should use Resilia for a successful result.

Keiko Okazaki, Kodomo Gakushu Kyoshitsu

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