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Work Now Hawaiʻi is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed to help people living with disabilities find success through employment. They work to provide on-the-job training helping to build job skills and certification. Members of their custodial services program have been certified as ISSA / GBAC-Trained Technicians, and have been providing deep cleaning and disinfecting service.

Available services: 

  • Deep Cleaning and Fogging Disinfecting for COVID-19
  • Daily / Nightly Custodial Services
  • Floor Care Maintenance
  • Emergency Flood Extraction and Mold Remediation Services

HANO members will receive 25% off all services.

“We LOVE Work Now Hawaiʻi.  Love the mission and love the service they provide.  If there are issues, they respond and correct immediately.  We also appreciate that they are proactive and stay on top of the current best practices.” – Nam Vu, Co-Director, Hub Coworking Hawaiʻi, LLC

Call or text (808) 202-2310 or email for more information.

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