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Jeremiah’s Promise

By: Kim Golter, Founder and CEO

Jeremiah’s Promise (or simply “JP”) directed 24 years of hands-on experience with transition-age foster teens and at-risk youth into a next-generation, relationship-driven and scientifically-based web and mobile App that counteracts the desperation, sense of loss and other barriers to success that often negatively affect our most vulnerable youth. We’re based in Hawaiʻi full time to offer young people in Hawaiʻi what we provide youth on the continent – daily, specialized guidance that is behavior oriented, evidence-based and yet unique to each situation.

Through this next-level, revolutionary technology, teens and young adults may reach out to others through the site who are going through similar circumstances to encourage and inspire their peers as they go through each day’s navigational steps. We guide youth personally and in groups, helping them solve important life issues, especially how to move forward after traumatizing events. We help them set strategic goals, and we show them how to reach their goals, holding them accountable yet quickly responding to situations where they seem stuck. We show them how to get “unstuck” and keep moving forward. Ultimately, we become a catalyst for their hope and turn it into a workable life, academic and career plan. Mostly, we help them see who they are, that they each have an important contribution to make, what their lives may accomplish and the possibilities before them no matter what they’ve had to endure up to this point.

Our 501(c)3 nonprofit promotes measurable and sustainable behavioral transformation in this population of youth and young adults, accelerating progress with mental health concerns, particularly PTSD. In addition, we advance socio-emotional progress in our young clients, improve their problem solving ability, academic resilience, promote leadership development, as well as, career path access and success.

In 2024 we’re reaching out to nonprofit leaders and social service agencies inviting them to work together in Hawaiʻi to leverage our services and offer the best standard of care to young people of Hawaiʻi who need it most.

JP operates two-fold:

1) We work one-on-one with at-risk teens and young adults and those transitioning out of the foster care system, and

2) We work together with leaders and staff of nonprofits and other agencies with similar missions on a website and mobile App to discover the best solutions for each of our clients and improve vital outcomes through deeper engagement to enhance success for all of us as we work daily on a HIPPA compliant, behavioral training-social media site that is focused and organized, offering real time feedback and solutions.


1. Emotional and Mental Health Program: We’re now based in Hawaiʻi to offer further support to teens and young adults suffering from PTSD and other mental health challenges that may be addressed through strategic partnerships with local nonprofits and other social service agencies. We’re available for workshops and web conferencing to assist local teams in learning about, understanding and utilizing our relationship-driven, evidence-based technology.

2. The Next Step Program: Through a strategic and focused approach, we use The Next Step web and mobile App technology to show our vulnerable teens and young adults how to navigate complicated issues as they bridge to adulthood. They’re shown the way daily, step by step through a navigational-style, interactive format that leads them toward the wisest course of action to help them solve problems that tend to undermine their progress. Youth post their results and encourage each other through the site’s social media forum. They complete the day’s steps and then are able to post their responses or touch base with their peers facing similar struggles. Teens interact with us directly through our HIPAA-compliant site with confidential matters or simply to say “Mahalo”.

3. DeeperEngaged Social Impact for Nonprofit leaders and teams: The DeeperEngaged site is part of The Next Step platform and gives nonprofits and teen programs the same advantage we’ve had, particularly the kind of relational data that allows greater insight and knowledge into what works for an individual or a group of teens, what isn’t working, and at what level of engagement our youth are achieving. Youth are then given real-time solutions tailored to their specific needs to help them understand and apply positive behaviors in key areas of life. This is what our Next Step program offers presently to JP youth and has become available to other nonprofits to access for their clients as we work together on the same platform sharing what works, what doesn’t and pass along vital solutions to our client base and to each other.

For more updates about Jeremiah’s Promise, visit the JP website and watch this Vimeo video that summarizes all our programs.

PHOTOS, top to bottom: 1) Graduation of a three-week, Bridge2College program for college and college-bound students. 2) Social Service staff collaborated with JP to onboard transition-age foster youth to our site and Mobile App. These Bridge2College participants used online step-by-step and day-by-day guidance to overcome mistrust and other negative beliefs as they learned how to visualize their future and turn their dreams into workable life, academic and career goals. 3) JP volunteers and board directors support foster and at-risk teens in its Vision4Future course offered during an ongoing program at local community colleges. 4) Former foster youth learn how to overcome mistrust, build positive friendships, discover mentors in their communities and form habits that lead to supportive friendships, accountability and overall well-being.

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